Sunday, September 18, 2011

My thoughts on nailbiters

Once in a while, you see people that bite their nails. Not only their nails but also the skin around the nails(cuticles, sidewalls,...).

I personally don't "like" doing nails on nailbiters.
Aha, why you ask?
1. They tend to bleed faster when you accidentally cut them with your cuticle nippers or with your file, because their skin is thin and moist (from putting the fingers in their mouth and biting)

2. When you prep the nails, it is hard to get into every corner because their skin is elevated.

3.When you glue on tips, it is hard , once again because their skin on the free edge is higher than the actual nail, which makes it hard to make the tip fit snugly on the nail. And also because they bite every single bit of nail they can chew on, it is hard to see if the tip actually fits.

4. Blending the tip is not as easy as with a person who doesn't bite their nails, again, because the skin is that high.

5.They all want their nails to be long, but considering they don't have that many space to put nails on in the first place, it is best to start with a short length, for a few reasons:
*going from super short to long is an adjustment and they are not used to it
*the nailbed has been damaged to a point where it takes time to heal and "grow" back, putting on long nails gives a higher chance of breakage and then again... damaging the nailbed even more.
*the nailbed is short and unless you don't have a cover pink to make the nailbed longer, it does not look good using clear gel or acrylic

6. They probably bite their nails until right before their appointment, so their nails are wet, and doing gel or acrylic on wet nails is a plan that is doomed to fail.

7. Once a nailbiter, always a nailbiter?
Some do, some don't...
I've successfully helped people get rid of their biting habits, and I had some people that still couldn't resist biting and chewing off their nails... * Sigh!*
Some people can not seem to get passed the "tips" phase...
The hard part is growing out your nails, going from tips to your own nails.

Friday, September 16, 2011

UnderTheLilyShadow has a blog!

Well well, who would have thought that I would start blogging?
I didn't think it was my thing, thought it was stupid, but now it is tempting me to start one, so why not do it?
What do I have to loose? Nothing right? So here it goes.

What I will be posting? hmmmmm
How about: Nails, Makeup, hauls, hair maybe???, and some every day stuff about what is going on in my private life.

If you guys have any ideas, please do let me know.