Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello Divas

As you all might or might not know, I am a very girly girl.
I love pink and purple, 
I love glitter, 
I love bling,
I love hello kitty,
I love stars
I love leopard print

What do we name that???
or Princess... whichever you like 

For these nails I used the following products:
NSI attraction - "extreme pink" and "totally clear"
Fuchsia pink/purple glitter
NSI super bond primer
glaze 'n go gel sealer
IBD prep nail dehydrator

I hope you enjoy these nails as much as I do.
Nails by UnderTheLilyShadow


  1. wow you are bloody fantastic. i wish you lived close to be and could be my own personal tutor lol. seriously without watching your video's i would be lost :o(
    where do you get that gold thing from that you made the stars with? and is that just black nail polish you use for the stars?

  2. @xgembeanx thank you!
    That gold bottle is stamping polish from the brand jet set I think.
    It is special polish for stamping( the stars)

  3. trying to find it now with google lol determined to get them stars stamping kit lol x