My name is Cindy, and I was born the 6th of January 1988. I am married to a wonderful man named Davy. Together we have 2 children, Joey and Nikki.
Ever since I was a little girl I liked all the girly stuff. Pink, purple, glitter, makeup, nails, etc...
June 2007, I graduated from "adult school" as a qualified nail technician for manicure, gel and acrylic nails and I have been doing nails as a hobby ever since. I only started really doing acrylic nails  in the summer of 2010. Shortly after, I started doing YouTube videos.

Not knowing I would ever make a video on youtube, I made a channel and I just picked a random username. "Under the lily shadow" were the first words of a poem that was written for me by a friend.  It doesn't really have a meaning, although it does sound a bit mysterious, sort of like a fairytale.

I am a person who loves life, enjoys the little things and I am thankful for what I have and what I have accomplished. Apart from being a girly girl, I am also a bit manly. I really enjoy playing video games, watching a good horror movie, ride my motorcycle, having a potty mouth and joke around.

Edit 2014: I recently started hairschool