Monday, July 16, 2012

Dazzling Emeralds

Prior to the video I already removed the old design and prepped the nails with NSI superbond. Superbond is a great primer for those who suffer from lifting, myself and my mother included. Since I started using this, I rarely have lifting, and the lifting on my mums nails are not as severe as they used to be.
(The reason of our lifting problems is genetic, also very thin natural nails)

First off I start by brushing on a thin coat of IBD builder gel in clear and let that cure for 2 minutes.
This is my base layer.

vivalanails was so kind to send me this emerald glittercrushed shells and dazzling butterflies.
Thank you.

I mixed some emerald glitter with gel and with a gel brush, I brushed on some glitter to give it a gradient look. With a dotting tool I placed more glitter on the free edge to add more coverage.
With a rosewood stick I picked up the crushed shell and placed that randomly on the uncured gel.
The reason I did not cure the gel is : I now can push the crushed shell in the gel. If I were to cure the gel and then add the crushed shells, it would be on top of the nail, and that makes it unnecessary thick.
I let this cure for 2 minutes.

On the ringfinger I brushed on a thin coat of IBD builder gel clear and added 3 dazzling butterflies, and let that cure for 30-ish seconds, just long enough to lock them in place.

Then I brushed on the final coat of gel and filled the nail up with strings. These will land on the nails, exactly where I want them to be, and it will merge together leaving a smooth area.
I let this layer cure for at least 3 minutes, to make sure everything is hardened.

With a lint free wipe and none acetone nail polish remover, I removed the tacky layer and reshaped the free edge and sidewalls.
Lastly I put on some clear nailpolish, this one is Glosser from Orly, just to give it that bit extra shine.

I hope you like this design.