Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3D Flowers

This time I have the honor to use a glitter mix from Melbeautynails called "Mardi Gra"
It's a gorgeous gold and purple mix with all sorts of colored hexagons.

Prior to the video, I removed the old design and already prepped the nails.

First, I start off by removing any excess dust and oils from the nails with Nail pure plus and a lint free wipe.

With the "Mardi Gra" glitter mix (mixed with clear acrylic), I put a ball at the free edge, spread it from side to side and with the flags of the brush, I fade the glitter up towards the middle.
I am using a Nr. 6 acrylic brush.

Next I put on NSI superbond primer and with a Nr. 8 acrylic brush, I picked up a ball of NSI totally clear and placed that at the cuticle area, leaving a space between the acrylic and the cuticle.
I pat the ball from side to side and swipe it down towards the free edge.
If you need more acrylic, you can always add an extra ball.
It's better to add more than to take away.

This is the same for all 10 nails.

After shaping and filing, I let my friend wash her hands to get rid of any excess chemicals on her skin and dust from the nails.

For the 3D flowers, I put some pure acetone in the monomer to let the acrylic dry a whole lot faster.
(This is so your ball of acrylic won't get runny/too wet)
I think I use 40/60 acetone/monomer.
I am using a Nr. 2 acrylic brush, which tip comes together to a point.

Picking up small balls of acrylic can be tricky, so make sure to have a little practice.

I place a tiny ball of NSI radiant white on the nail.
I put my brush in front of a ball and start pushing my brush down to whichever side I want my petal to be. when you lift your brush and you petal starts to form a ball again, this means you have to wait a couple more seconds, because it's too wet.
You know when your ball is ready when it starts to get dull.
Depending on your Acetone/monomer ratio, it takes longer or faster to dry.

When I get 3 petals, I place a ball of acrylic in the middle immediately put a Swarovski crystal on top and pushed it in. The color is in "aurora borealis" (AB)
If you need to fix the appearance of the centerpiece, do so.

I created flower petals on each nail.

To finish off the nail, I put a coat of NSI Glaze 'n go on the nails (NOT on the petals)
and let that cure for 3 minutes.

And last but not least I massaged the cuticles with cuticle oil.

I really love this design, Thank you Mel for sending me this glitter mix.

I hope you liked this tutorial and thank you for reading/watching

Friday, June 15, 2012

Funky Leopard Print

Old design has already been removed. 

In the video I start off by dehydrating the nails with Nail Pure Plus, this also removes any excess dust and oils.
With NSI superbond, I primed the new nail growth.
With IBD builder gel clear and a gel brush, I apply a thin coat of gel and let that cure for 2 minutes.

With the same gel and brush, I apply a thin coat from the middle of the nail towards the free edge.
This is so that our glitters will stick.

With a clean brush (a brush that is wiped off) I pick up the bright green glitter and start patting that on the free edge, fading it up towards the top. And I let that cure for 2 minutes.
I did this to all 10 nails.
Once every nail has glitter and has been cured (to lock the glitter in place) I am brushing on a thin coat of that same gel, so that we have a somewhat smoother surface for our nailpolish/paint to go on.
I let that cure for 2 minutes.
Then I remove the tacky layer to do the leopard print.
If I were to leave on the tacky layer, my design would slip off if I brushed over it with a gel brush.

With China Glaze's "pool party" and a dotting tool, I start adding random spots to the nails
With Oumaxi's black acrylic paint and a dotting tool, I did the outline of the leopard print.

When all that was dry (about 5 minutes to be sure) I Brushed on my final layer of gel and filled it up with strings of gel to create strength and thickness. I let that cure for 3 minutes.

When all 10 are done, I removed the tacky layer, shaped the sidewalls and free edge, put on some Orly Glosser (top coat), let that dry and finally added some cuticle oil and rubbed that in.

This design can easily be done with acrylic and even nail polish :)
I hope you enjoyed this design and stay tuned for many more to come

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Enchanted Forest

I have already removed the previous design and prepped the nails prior to this video.

So let's get started.

In the video I start off by spraying the fingernails with IBD prep and I wipe it off with a lint free wipe. This removes any excess dust and oils from the nailplate to promote better bonding.

With NSI superbond primer, I prime the new nail growth.

Then I start forming the free edge with a silver mix that contains silver stars.
(I did not make it myself, I got it as a gift)
Above that silver, I place a very bright green color and form the smile line, fading the green down.
While the acrylic is still wet, I place a few iridescent stars on the green.

Then I go in with a second coat of NSI superbond primer, again, on the new nail growth only.

With NSI attraction Liquid and totally clear powder, I place a ball right behind the smile line, pat it from side to side and fade it down.
I put another ball right above the previous one and did the same.
To make sure the design on the free edge is completely encapsulated, I placed a small ball on the free edge as well, patted that from side to side and faded it up.
I did this to all 10 nails.

When all 10 were dry, I filed and shaped the nails how ever I wanted it, 
let my friend wash her hands (to get rid of any dust) and put some stamps on ringfinger and thumb.
With NSI Glaze 'n Go, I gave the nails a high gloss finish. This has to be cured for 2-3 minutes.
With cuticle oil, I conditioned the cuticles and last minute we decided to add a dangle.

Because it was late at night and the sun was set, I couldn't really take great picture or make a color-accurate end result.
But I did my best to find the best lighting available, and you can clearly see the difference.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.