Monday, September 17, 2012

mermaid nails and toes

Mermaids have always been one of my favorite mystical creatures. They were always described as mesmerizing, long hair, beautiful tails and their scales would shine in the moonlight.

Now I love bling and I love mermaids so lets do some nails!

Turquoise and purple are the main colors I am working with on the fingernails.

One the fingernails, the old design has been removed and the nails are prepped.

I picked up a ball of NSI attraction totally clear and I dipped it in the Turquoise hexagons.
I placed that ball on the nail and I start working with it to distribute the product from side to side and fading it up towards the cuticles.

When it is time to encapsulate, I did another coat of primer (NSI superbond) and picked up a ball of NSI totally clear and placed it at the cuticle area, patting the product into place, stroking it toward the free edge.
I placed another small ball at the free edge and feathered it up.

This step was the same for all 10 nails.

After filing and buffing, I let my friend wash her hands to remove all the chemical residue.

I brushed on a bit of NSI Glaze 'n Go on the ringfinger and I placed down some Turquoise hexagons in a half circle at the cuticle to give it that extra touch. Let it cure for a couple seconds to lock it in place.

Finish all the nails off with a nice coat of Glaze 'n go, cure for 3 minutes and you are done.

Now for the toes, I used gel and nail polish. Less hassle, but the same result.
Nails are prepped with a coat of IBD natural nail primer.

With a gel brush and IBD builder gel clear I brushed on a thin layer on all 5 toenails, went around the cuticles with a rosewood stick and let it cure for 3 minutes.
This gel layer acts as a super duper long lasting base layer, and not as strength. Toenails generally don't need strength, but the nail polish tend to not last that long.
So instead of a nail polish base coat, I used gel.

After curing, I cleansed the nails with none acetone nail polish remover.

I painted the toenails with China Glaze - 553 Sexy in the city.
Let that dry for a bit and went in with a second coat.

With an old nail polish brush I picked up some of the nail art dust mixer.
This dust mixer a lot more liquid than clear nail polish, therefor making it a lot easier to pick up nail art and blend it all out before it dries out, making it smooth and even.

So with the nail polish brush I dipped in the hexagons and brushed it on the nails, fading it up.
I added more when needed.

I finished off with Orly glosser.
These toenails lasted for 7-ish weeks before they were too long and needed to be redone.

Gel as a base layer makes your nailpolish :
*last longer
*stay on without chipping
*dry a lot faster
*don't stain the nails