Sunday, October 20, 2013

Starter kits

I get asked a lot what people need to buy in order to do nails. Doing nails is not a cheap hobby, even though there are a lot of cheap products out there. But does cheap mean good? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. You must be aware of the dangers that come along with doing nails. (infection, allergic reaction, transmittable disease,...)

I am going through the basic tools and products you will need for a simple french set and I will list where I got them.

Tools for acrylic

  • cuticle pusher and nipper (came with my nail kit from school)
  • nail files (Bell'ure from
  • dust brush, sanitisable (kabuki brush from
  • acrylic brush (nailcreation)
  • dappendish with a lid (nsi from

Tools for gel

  • cuticle pusher and nipper
  • nail files 
  • dust brush
  • rosewoodstick (from ebay)
  • gel brush (from,,
  • dotting tool (ebay)
  • UV lamp 36 watt (ebay)

Products for acrylic

  • sanitizer (IBD prep,
  • dehydrator (Prep dx, nsi,
  • primer (nsi superbond,
  • acrylic liquid/monomer (nsi attraction,
  • acrylic powders clear and white (nsi attraction,
  • cuticle oil (anywhere)

Products for gel

  • sanitizer (IBD prep)
  • dehydrator (IBD prep or prep dx)
  • primer (nsi superbond or ibd natural nail primer,
  • bonder (ibd bonder,
  • clear builder gel and white gel (ibd,, sometimes ebay)
  • cuticle oil
  • none acetone nail polish remover 

To finish acrylic nails
  • buffer (ezflow,
  • UV gel topcoat (NSI glaze n go, and ebay)
  • Uv lamp (ebay)

To finish gel nails
  • high gloss nail polish (orly glosser,, ebay)

Other things for gel and acrylic
  • lint free wipes (gauze, pharmacy)
  • empty plastic containers for glitter mixes (ebay)
  • nail forms (ebay)
  • nail tips and tip cutter (ebay)
  • nail glue (ebay)
  • glitter and nail deco (ebay, nail store, craft store,...)

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