Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nail piercing DIY

Nailpiercings have been in and out of trend, but sometimes I do like to wear them.
I will show you how to pierce your nail and how to make your own dangle.

Some FAQ's about nailpiercings:

Q: Will it get infected?
A: No! Not at all. The piercing doesn't go through any skin or flesh, it goes through the free edge of the nail. And which we all know, nails are made up out of keratin and dead cells.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Only if you are squeamish about needles. No just kidding, it does not hurt at all. Does it hurt when you cut your nails with a trimmer?

Q: What happens to the hole when I take the piercing out
A: It will grow out as your nail grows, or if you want to get rid of the hole immediately, you just simply shorten your nail.

Q: Will this weaken the structure of my nails?
A: If placed in the right spot, it wouldn't.

Q: What if I get it caught on something?
A: Most likely the O-ring will open up and it will fall out. Worst case scenario... You'll end up with a severed finger and need to go to the E.R. (again, just a joke)

Anyway, let's get on with the step by step

The things you will need:
- 1 headpin
- beads / swarovski crystals / ...

- round nose pliers
- cutting pliers
- piercing tool

Take the headpin and put the bead on it. Let it slide all the way to the end.
With your round nose pliers make a bend 2-3 mm above the bead.

 Again, with round nose pliers, twist the wire around to create a loop.

 Then twist the wire around the base of the loop to close it off

With cutting pliers, cut off the excess wire. But don't throw it away, just yet.

With the piece you just cut off, you are going to make an O-ring. Place the wire on the round nose pliers and twist the wire completely around.

Cut off the overlapping piece of wire.

Open up the O-ring and put the dangle on.

Now it's time to pierce the nail. Grab your nail piercing tool. You can buy one in a nail supply store, or make one yourself out of a plastic handle and a small drill bit. 
Grab your finger and hold it into a death grip to make it doesn't want to bail out. Flip your finger upside down so that the nail faces the table. Place the drill on the underneath in one corner, far enough from the side and far enough from the edge. If you place the hole in the wrong place, you have a chance that the corner will crack off. Start turning the drill clockwise and put a little bit of pressure on it till you go all the way through. Twist anti clockwise to remove the drill from the hole.

When you have your hole drilled and your dangle ready, we will put them together.

Put the O-ring through the hole and grab each end with pliers and close it.

You can create all sorts of dangles, it doesn't have to be a crystal.

If you liked this DIY, don't forget to share it and I will see you next time!