Thursday, October 13, 2011

3D acrylic skull nail design

I was messing around, and sketching some designs out on paper
(Most of the time I sketch it out on paper to see if it is possible to do with acrylic, or if it is going to look nice or not)
So one thing lead to another... I was drawing pumpkins, and for the pumpkins I needed faces, so from one face to another I was doing a skull-like face, and then BAM, bright idea to do a girly skull!

I was never so excited before to do 3D nails.
While I was working on it I kept saying : omg! look at that, how cute, this is going to be so adorable!
My husband rolled his eyes everytime I said something. LOL

I felt like a little girl

To me these are the cutest nail I've ever done (at the moment lol)

So here it is!!
 Sorry they are upside down, but don't know how to fix it on this blog :/

So first I Sculpted the nailbed (reverse method), then I used a hot pink/neon pink glitter (mixed with clear powder) for the free edge.
I encapsulated it with clear powder.
Once it was fully dry, I filed and buffed the nail.

Then with purple I started sculping the heart, then filling up the heart with a purple glitter, just because I thought it was prettier.
Then with white acrylic,I started sculpting the skull, first a ball for the head, then 3 tiny balls for the 'teeth'.
With a very tiny brush (no.2) I did the bones.

With a dotting tool and black acrylic paint, I painted on the eyes, one larger than the other, and the nose.
Once that was dry I took my favorite topcoat, and gave it a couple of layers to make it shiny
I used ORLY glosser. <3 that one!

So here goes the video!

Products used:
Purely pink masque from NSI attraction
neon pink glitters mixed with clear acrylic powder(nsi attraction)
Creative mosaic powder in "Quartz Crystal"
purple glitter mix
white acrylic powder from NSI attraction
black acrylic paint from OUMAXI
ORLY glosser
No.8 and No.2 acrylic brush
dotting tool

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