Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway! My Memories Suite v2

I was contacted by Liz from, and she asked me if I was interested in doing a review, and in return I get to give this software to one of my lucky subscribers/followers

What you have to do in order to win this software, I will mention that later, but first I am going to tell you a little  bit more about this program.

My memories suit, is a program that allows you to pimp out you pictures, but mostly used to do digital scrapbooking.
It is a complete digital scrapbooking software without using actual paper, siscors and glue.
 Just using your computer. 
You can make books, calendars, postcards, wedding invitation, and so much more.

 You do not need to be a scrapbook fan to use this, I am going to use this program just for blinging out my pictures, to give it a more professional look. 

So from now on, you will see these type of picture, instaid of my boring old ones. 
You do not need to wait for it to come with the post, because the only thing you need is  internet and a computer to download it to. 

You can let it do all the work for you, with just a couple clicks, or you can get creative and do all the work yourself (but it is so much fun!)

So the software has many themes you can choose from, from babies to christmas, seasons, etc, You name it. The possibilities are endless.
If you are a youtube partner, you can use this program to create an awesome thumbnail.

All you have to do is add your picture, add text, embellishments, shapes and/or a background, organize it a bit and you are done. Just simple as that.
You need zero skills, even a child can do this.

I have made a few examples, but let you imagination run free and create more cool designs

All I have to say is: try it out, be amazed and have fun.

My is providing all of my viewers a 10$ discount off of their software purchase, and also a 10$coupon for the mymemories store, wich makes a total value of 20$
I have purchased the glamour n glitz pack, and also the butterfly dreams pack.
The software is only 39,97 - 10 $ for my viewers = 29,97$, a real bargain.
but one of you guys get to win this program for free.
This code is only valid for the software and not for additional packs
The unique code for my subscribers/followers is
all you have to do is:
be a subscriber of mine(youtube).
go to, look around and  go to the video on my youtube channel with the same title and tell me in the comments what your favorite digital paper pack or layout is, you can only comment once,

but you can get an additional entry 

1 for following their blog
and 1 for following their twitter!/mymemoriessuite
so total of 4 entries.

Giveaway will end November 21st

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