Thursday, November 10, 2011

A review for BornPrettyStore
18 set Acrylic powders

I've had the pleasure testing out these powder and I am going to review them.

The pigmentation of these powders are great! They are very opaque and covering.
In the set you get a variety of colors, going from black to white haha.

The powders do dry kind of slow, but if you don't mind that, it's all good.
I prefer my powders to set a little bit faster and therefor I add a little bit of pure acetone to my liquid.
That makes the powders dry faster. (also a great thing for 3D)

The containers do not contain a lot of product, so I suggest not using them for a full set of colored tips.
But they are great for beginners to start working with.
They also make a great set for 3D nail art.

These colored powders stain your liquid, as do all other colored powders from other brands,
so I suggest using 2 dappendishes, so that you can work clean.

The colors are vibrant and, and as I like to say it, "happy"

So my final conclusion is:
Great product for a cheap price.

If you would like to check the website, here is the link

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