Friday, January 13, 2012

When do you need an infill?

Having beautiful nails is one thing,
but coming in on time for an infill is something else.

One of the most asked question is:
When do I come back for an infill?
Infill = rebalance = removing old acrylic or gel and redo the nail, because the nail has grown out.

So when do you come back for an infill (or do your own nails at home)

2 weeks?
3 weeks?
or maybe 5 weeks?

Some people charge more if you come in later than 2 weeks.
I do not agree with this method.

And do note that this is my personal opinion!

Ofcourse there are a few people that NEED an infill at 2 weeks, because their nails grow really fast or if they suffer from "chronic lifting".

I personally say this:
You come in when you think it is necessary.
If it is 2, 3, 4 or even 5 weeks.
All they have to do is look.
Look for new growth, look for lifting and feel if they are getting too long.

The nail grows an average of approximately 3mm a month.
The growth is being influenced by certain activities and by internal (disease) and 
external (weather,... ) circumstances.

Nails grow faster 
*during the day
*on young age (especially between 30 & 50 years of age)
*in the summer, influenced by U.V. rays
*with men
*pregnant woman

Anyways, you have to see for yourself when it is needed to get an infill
I'd say it is necessary when:
*your new growth area is about the same as in this picture
*if the stress area has moved too far, causing the nail to become weak

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