Wednesday, January 25, 2012

☆★ Fairytale GEL nails ★☆


Some one had asked me to do a gel tutorial on the fairytale nails.

So here it goes.

In the video 
I start off by applying a base layer of gel

Let that cure for about 2 minutes.

then I go in with clear builder gel and apply a thin layer to the free edge.
Clear of your brush(i used 3 brushes here) and pick up your first colored glitter and apply that on the nail, using a patting motion.
Dip, pat, dip, pat, dip pat (or else you are going to gel a huge mess)
then clear off your brush and go in with the second color, in my case purple.
dip, pat, dip, pat, dip, pat.

Form your smile line, and then cure for 2 minutes.

The next step is fairly simple, apply a thin layer to the free edge over the glitter and add your circles, cure for a minute or so (to lock the circles in place)

Then do a thin layer of clear builder gel on the entire nail, and start building your nail.
I use the string technique.
Once you are happy with the thickness and shape, cure for at least 2 minutes (I usually let it cure for at least 3 minutes, especially the thumbnail)

Then take a wipe and soak it with nail polish remover to remove the tacky layer.

File the free edge and sidewalls, and apply your favorite topcoat and you are done.

You can file and shape the nail like you would with acrylic, but with the technique I use, I rarely have to do that because the gel is smooth already.

Products used:
*IBD builder gel pink
*IBD builder gel clear
*uv gel brush
*holo glitter in purple and silver
*nail polish remover
*cotton wipe
*paper towel

I hope this was useful and thank you for reading