Tuesday, January 17, 2012

☆★Acrylic fairytale nails★☆

For the nails I used the reverse technique.
First I prepped my nails, filled in the new growth with acrylic powder and carved out the smile line and free edge.

In the video, first I take the holographic silver glitter (mixed with clear acrylic powder)
and place it on the free edge.
Then I took a circular shiny nail art piece and placed it on the silver while it was still wet so that it is secured into place when it dries.

For the next step I take a holographic purple glitter (mixed with clear acrylic powder)
and pushed it against the smile line and fading it out towards the tip.
I also put circular nail art pieces and placed it randomly on the wet purple glitter.

Then I used clear acrylic to encapsulate the design and build up the thickness of the nail.

When you are done, let the nails fully dry, and then file and buff to the desired shape.

Remove any dust, and at this point you can wash your hands with soap and a nailbrush to get rid of any dust and other chemicals that are still on your skin.

I did not show this step because this is a nail on a stick.

Take your favorite topcoat and make your nails shine.
If you used a gel sealer, cure for at least 2 minutes.

Use some cuticle oil to take care of your cuticles and you are done.

Products used in the video:
NSI attraction - Purely Pink Masque
NSI attraction - Totally Clear
Holographic purple and silver glitter
NSI Glaze 'n Go
9watt U.V. lamp
Circular shiny nail art pieces

No. 8 acrylic brush


  1. Very pretty!
    But.....i would rather have seen turquoise and silver :P LOL

  2. Love your videos. The blurring is because you have the camera set on "Macro". At least that's what happened to me. Hope this helps?

  3. @VixenPortia OMG you are right! it was on macro... I didn't know thanks a bunch!

  4. what style brush did you use? and how do you mix the glitter? like how much glitter to how much powder?