Friday, February 10, 2012

★☆Poisonous Princess nails☆★

"Poisonous Princess"
That is how I shall name these nails

The picture and the video does not show the real colors, in real life they are much brighter and prettier.
Too bad you can not see it.

So the color is a very bright green-yellow, that reminds me of a poisonous snake or frog.
And the bow makes it cute and girly, hence Poisonous Princess

So first off I start by disinfecting the are I will be working on, and that are the nails.
Then I gently push back the cuticles.

With my electric drill, I am taking away the UV gel only.
If you lave any gel on the free edge, that's allright, I will be cutting a new smile line anyways.

When that's done, I take my file (100/180) and with the softest side, I smooth out the acrylic that may have been dented from the electric drill.
Then I will make sure that the acrylic is flush to the natural nail, and if you have any lifting, you have to take care of that.
Next, I am gently taking away the shine of the natural nail, and of course shape into your desired shape and length.

Remove dust, I use a kabuki brush.

Then I take a dehydrator and a cotton swap and cleanse the nails from any excess dust and oils.
Next I take my primer and drain the excess on a paper towel, and I do one coat on the natural nails only.
If you need 2 or 3 coats of primer (careful not to use too much) then you go ahead and do so.

When that's done I grab a ball of acrylic powder and start rebuilding the nail again.

When that's completely dry, I take my electric drill again and start carving out the new smile line
and then taking away the color.

Dust off and you're ready to push some color to the new smile line.

I pick up a ball of my poisonous green and push it to the edges and filling in the free edge.

After that, I pick up a ball of clear acrylic to encapsulate the color.

Let that dry completely. You can hear when it is dry, just tap on it with the handle of your brush and if it sounds like "plastic" then it is dry.
If it sound hollow, then it needs to dry a bit more.

Then I use a handfile to shape the nails to the desired thickness and shape.

When that's done, you can go wash your hands(or your client) to get rid off any excess chemicals and dust.

At this point you can put on a topcoat and you're done.

I did a design on them with stamps.
Pick an image plate of your choice, put some polish on it, scrape it and stamp it.

When that's done, I put on a gel sealer to make it nice and shiny.
Let that cure in the light for 2-3 minutes, add some cuticle oil and you are finished.


  1. Nice nails! Are the bows stickers or stamps?

  2. aaw love that color :D
    Where do you get your NSI products? Ebay maybe? :D

    1. I get them from my local nail supply store

    2. oh right. I cant find them anywhere than ebay. I think its more "professional" product :D

    3. yeah, I've heard that you need a license to get it at some places :D

    4. yeps..well maybe i have to buy some other product then. Any ideas? Im only starter so price could be cheap..

    5. hmmm i only have nsi, so don't know if other brands are good or bad :) x

    6. hmm..shame.. well have to try to look around still. wish me a luck :D

  3. Can you tell me the brand and name of this glitter! My birthstone is periot and this glitter is really close to periot and I would love to do these for my birthday! Please and thank you!

    1. I got this from a friend, but she said it's from Sally's. that's all I know x

    2. Thanks so much, gonna check out the website now. Have an awesome day!

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