Sunday, November 3, 2013

Classy gel nails

Do you need to attend some kind of formal party, a wedding or something classy? These nails are perfect for that. One solid color, with hexagons for that little pop of bling.
Painted nails are always in trend. Especially now with Uv polishes and gel colors, your painted nails will last you a long time.

Let's get this tutorial started.

In this video I am doing a sculpted lipstick nail. After prep and prime, I applied a nail form underneath the nails and closed the flaps. Using IBD builder gel clear, I picked up a string of gel and outlined the nail shape. If going for square or oval nails, you should outline it in that particular shape.
Then I filled in the gaps with some more clear gel and made sure it overlapped the natural nail. If you don't overlap it, it will crack off the second you remove the form. I let this layer cure for 2 minutes.

When the nail came out of the lamp I removed the nail form by simply pinching the side flaps and it should come off easily.

For the next layer I also used IBD builder gel clear. I applied a thin layer on the entire nail and then started building the thickness and overall shape with strings. I let this layer cure for 3 minutes.

When it is completely cured I removed the tacky layer and roughened up the surface of the nail to ensure better adhesion of the UV gel polish.

Using Sina UV gel polish in the color 516, I applied a thin layer all over the nail, being tidy and neat around the cuticle area for a clean look. I let this cure for 2 minutes.
Using the same gel polish, I applied a second layer all over the nail for a good coverage. I let that cure for 3 minutes.
Some gel polishes have a dispersion layer and some don't. This one did so I removed it with none-acetone nail polish remover.

I put on a dab of clear nail polish on a piece of paper and used a dotting tool to apply some near the cuticle area. While the nail polish is still wet, I pushed in some hexagons in a half circle near the cuticle.
I let that dry for a couple seconds and applied clear nail polish all over the nail, including the hexagons.
They should not come off by normal use of your nails.

For gel polishes that don't have a dispersion layer, this step would have been easier. 
Before curing the second layer of gel polish, you can put in the hexagons near the cuticle and then let the gel polish cure for 3 minutes. This will lock the hexagons in place. And then just simply top it off with clear polish for extra shine.
If I would have done this with my gel polish, when removing the dispersion layer would have removed the golden shine of the hexagons, completely ruining them.

Have fun experimenting!

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