Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gel nails - Late night thunderstorm

Now that the summer has made room for fall, we get less to none thunderstorms. That's one thing I love about the summer, the late night thunderstorms. I never feared thunderstorms and find the thunder and light play soothing. One day, thinking about new nail designs, my thoughts wandered off back to summer. I tried to transfer my thoughts to this nail design. The camera did not really pick the beautiful light play, but I hope you like it anyways.

After prep and prime, apply a thin layer of IBD builder gel clear. Without curing it, apply black glitter near the cuticle and let it fade down. Apply a dark purple glitter from the free edge up into the black. Go back and forth with the two colors to create a nice blend. Let it cure for 2 minutes.

Apply another layer of clear gel and put small pieces of yellow mylar flakes on the nail in a lightning bolt pattern. Let it cure for 2 minutes to secure the mylar in place.

Apply the last layer of clear gel and build the structure and overall shape with strings. Let it cure for 3 minutes.

Remove the tacky layer. Because the mylar may have left the nail with some bumps, you will file it smooth with a nail file. With the nail being somewhat rough, the black ink will show up much better and stay in place. Outline the yellow lightning bolt and let that dry completely.

Using a gel sealer, apply a thin layer on the entire nail and let it cure for 3 minutes. This doesn't have a tacky layer so you will be able to instantly rock these nails.