Friday, November 15, 2013

Pink glitter nails with 3D flowers

I personally don't pay attention to what season it is when it comes to nails. Some people want red gold or silver for the Christmas times, bright for summer, brown for fall and soft pastel for spring. I go with whatever I feel like having on my nails. I could even go with red and gold during summer.

Now for this particular design I just used some soft pink gliter, clear acrylic powder and a pearly white powder. Let's get started.

After a complete prep and prime I created a fade with a pink glitter mix.
I encapsulated the glitter with clear powder.
Once everything was dry, I filed and buffed the nail to the desired shape.
Using a pearly white powder I created small flower petals. (I think the pearly white powder is from vivalanails)
I applied glaze 'n go on the entire nail, including the flowers. Before curing it, I placed a little metal ball in the center of each flower.  I let it cure for 3 minutes.