Friday, March 9, 2012

☆★ Acrylic nails - Mystical Wings ★☆

It seems that I am staying in the "fantasy" range here.
Previous one "witches brew" and now "mystical wings"

Oooh never mind, I love fantasy.

I have already removed the old design: Cupcake nails

and pushed back cuticles and removed the shine from the natural nails.

In the video  I started by cleaning off any oils and dust with IBD prep and a lint free wipe.
Then I use NSI prep DX to dehydrate the nail.
That dries to a chalky white (on natural nails)
Then I go in with NSI superbond nail primer.

Next, I pick up a ball of neon pink glitter acrylic and place that on the free edge, fading up towards the cuticle. I had to take a bit more for a nice coverage.

On the ringfinger I put a coat of primer and then a small ball of clear acrylic so that the glitter is not going to stain the nailbed(or that the nailbed isn't going to be damaged while removing the old design later on)
Then I do the same with the neon pink and at the cuticle area I placed down a ball of purple acrylic glitter and fade that down towards the free edge and at this point my hair gets in the frame.

When all fingers are done, I am going to encapsulate the design with clear acrylic.
On all fingers, except the ringfinger, I put a coat of primer(natural nail only) and encapsulate the design.
On the ringfinger, I wet the design with a bit of monomer, to make sure there won't be any cloudiness
and then encapsulate with clear.

When all are dry, I file and shape the nails.
Then I let my friend wash her hands with soap and water to remove any dust and leftover chemicals.

When all is dry I am going to do some art with butterfly stamps.
Fairly simple: polish it, scrap it, stamp it, finish it.

Then I use Glaze 'n go to finish off the nails, letting that cure for 2-3 minutes.
Cuticle oil and pictures and I'm done 


  1. what brand of neon pink gel do you use?

  2. those are very pretty! I love the pink and purple combination

    quick question, where did you get your UV lamp from?

  3. What number of plate did you use for the butterflys?