Friday, March 30, 2012

Secret rose garden

Prior to the video I already sanitized hands and tools, removed the old design, pushed back cuticles and took away the shine from the natural nail.

In the video I start by using IBD prep on a wipe and rubbing that on the nails, this takes away any dust particles, oils and dehydrates.

With NSI prep DX I dehydrate the nail again.
Then I put on the first coat of NSI superbond nail primer, on natural nails only.

With a No.8 oval brush I start forming the free edge, and do that to the whole hand.
Then right before applying acrylic to the nailbed I apply a second coat of primer on the natural nail only.
Then I start building the nail with NSI attraction totally clear powder.

When all 10 fingers are done, I shape and file the nails (not shown in video)
When that's done, I let my friend wash her hands to remove any excess chemicals and dust.

Then again with some IBD prep on a wipe I make sure the dust is all gone.
And then I start stamping roses on the nail.

The image plate is from Born Pretty Store 
They work very well and I have used those stamps multiple times in the past couple of weeks on 

For topcoat I used NSI's Glaze 'n go
That has to be cured for at least 2-3 minutes.

I conditioned the cuticles with Nurture Oil
Took some pictures and done.

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