Wednesday, March 7, 2012

☆★ Witches Brew★☆

Witches Brew seemed a great name for these gel nails.
With the black and silver, thought it would be fun.

I already removed the old design and pushed back cuticles and all that good stuff, the nails were prepped and ready to go.

So in the video I start off by dehydrating the nails, with IBD prep and a lint free wipe.

Then I take my primer, wipe the excess on a paper towel and put it on the natural nail only.
The primer I am using is from IBD "natural nail primer"

Then I take IBD bonder and dab some on every nail, then I take a synthetic brush and brush it on the nail in a up and down motion(rubbing it in)
Let that cure in the U.V. light for 1 minute.

Then I take IBD builder gel in clear and put down a base layer on every nail, and then I go around the cuticle area with a rosewood stick.
Let that cure for 2 minutes.

Then I take a bit of IBD builder gel in clear and put that on the free edge.
I did not use a lot.
 I put some glitter in a tray and then with a brush I start patting the silver holo glitter onto the nail, going into the glitter on the nail, back in the glitter,  back on the nail.
Then I take a clean brush and start putting the black glitter on the smile line area.
With a clean brush I perfect my smile line, and once I'm happy with how it looks, I let that cure for 1-2 minutes to make sure the glitter isn't going anywhere and is locked in place.

When all 10 fingers are done, I get a bit of IBD builder gel in clear and put down a thin layer of gel.
Then I dip my brush into the gel to make a nice string.
With that string I start to wiggle left to right on the nail.
That is how I like to build the nail.
As you'll see in the video, the gel self levels and leaves a smooth surface.
Once I got the desired shape and thickness I go around the cuticle area with my rosewood stick and let that cure for at least 3 minutes just to make sure the gel has completely cured.
(if gel is not cured long enough, it can peel away from the nail and starts to lift)

When every nail is done I take none acetone nailpolish remover onto a lint free wipe and take away the tacky layer of the gel.
Then I file the sidewalls and the free edge, remove the dust and apply some nail polish.
I used "glosser" by ORLY

When the nail polish is dry I apply some cuticle oil and rub that in.
Take pictures and you are done :)

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