Friday, March 2, 2012

☆★ French gel nails ★☆

There is nothing like a good old french nail

In this video (not available yet) I start off by sanitizing and pushing back the cuticles.
With a 100/180 file I take off the old gel, but I leave a thin layer of clear gel on the nail.
Once the old gel has been removed I take away the shine of the natural nail.

Then I dust off, and spray them with IBD prep, and wipe it with a lint free wipe.
Then I take my primer and drain the access on a paper towel and put it on the natural nail only.

Then I take my clear builder gel and take a bit on my brush and brush it on the nails.
With a rosewood stick I go around the cuticles and in the sidewalls to make sure there is no gel run into it.
And I let that cure for 2 minutes (or till you other hand is done as well)

Then I took some of my new white gel on a dotting tool and start forming the smile line
(this gel was a bit more runny and did not cover well when brushing it on)
I am not pleased at all with this white gel, but for the sake of the video I continued to show how you use a white gel that has a runny consistency 
(the reason I'm not pleased with it is: It does not self level
 and needs too much manipulation to have a nice look)
Then I go in with my brush and perfect the smile line.

I let that cure for 2 minutes 

Then with my clear builder gel I brush a layer on the nail, and then I pick up a string and start building the nail.
Once I am pleased with the thickness and shape, I go around the cuticle and sidewalls with my rosewood stick and let that cure for at least 3 minutes.

Once every finger is done and fully cured, I take a wipe with nailpolish remover and clean off the tacky layer.
With my file I go around the free edge and sidewalls to make sure there are no sharp edges.
Then I use a clear nailpolish and when that's dry I put on some cuticle oil,

Products used:
* IBD prep
* IBD clear builder gel
* Jean Marin builder gel ultra white
* non acetone nail polish remover
*ORLY glosser
* cuticle oil