Wednesday, April 25, 2012

☆★Leopard print + dangle ☆★

I am completely obsessed with leopard print.
Clothes, scarfs, bathrobe, umbrella, socks, bracelet, arm pillows and nails!

Leopard print is hot, it's sexy, very feminine and yet classic.

Some might think it is ordinary, or even over the top.
But you know what? I do not care at all. I've gotten to a stage in my life where I stopped worrying about what other people think of me.
 I am who I am, I wear what I want.
And only now I dare to show it.

My close friend Karen wanted the same design on her nails like me, so let's go ahead and get started.
Perfect opportunity to film a video.

In the video I start off by sanitizing her nails and pushing back the cuticles.
With a coarse drill bit I took off her previous design  (she thought she'd make it easier for me and already removed her glaze 'n go and design. Thank you lol)

I forgot to press record after drilling away the previous design. But all I did was file with a 100/180 file (180 side), file away any bumps and removed the shine from the natural nail at the cuticles where the nail has grown out.

I removed dust with a kabuki and also with a nail wipe and IBD prep
Then I took NSI prep dx and dehydrated the natural nail.

On her index finger I placed a form and rebuild the nail with NSI clear powder (she broke one because a horse bit her nail, hooray for fake nails!)

Then I start forming the smile line with gold glitter(mixed with clear powder) and with a clean brush I clean up the smile line.
With NSI superbond I primed the natural nail only and starting filling up the nail with NSI attraction totally clear.

When all 10 nails are completely dry, I shaped and filed the nails, removed dust and let Karen wash her hands with warm water and soap to remove dust and excess chemicals.

With a stamper, stamping polish and an image plate, I did the leopard print.
Then I put on a UV activated topcoat : Glaze 'n go and let that cure for 3 minutes.

With a nail piercer I drilled a hole in her nail on her ring finger.
I put a dangle trough and closed it with pliers.

On her other ring finger, I made a 3D bow with NSI white powder and a no.2 acrylic brush.

With some cuticle oil, I massaged her cuticles and then took some pictures.
I hope you like this design.


  1. where did you get the leopard print from I can't find it on the born pretty store?

  2. olá,sou do Brasil,näo sei falar ingles,mais gostaria de saber que gel é esse que voce usa nas unhas para criar este efeito?
    adoro seus vídeos.beijos

    1. Eu não falam Português, então eu traduzi com o google.
      Este é de acrílico, o leopardo é unha polonês, o acabamento é em gel UV.

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  4. what primer you used?

  5. What kind of form did you use? The ones I use don't seem as stiff.

    1. it's a butterfly nail form (although it looks more like a fly ahhaha)

  6. did u go to school for this or it ir pan practice

    1. I actually went to school for it, but I learned nothing. I learned all by myself,but I have 3 licenses now :)

  7. donde podre conseguir la base y el aplicador de la plantilla de leopardo :D

    1. from

  8. what's the size of the brushes you used? thanks

  9. You are so amazing, I love the design!

  10. Olá querida, sou sua fã aqui no Brasil!!!
    Você usa acrílico em gel ou pó?
    O Acabamento é com gel UV.
    Obrigada por dividir o seu talento conosco. ;)