Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here are some of the most frequently asked question
Will be updated frequently when new questions are asked.

What products do you use?
IBD prep
NSI prep dx
NSI superbond primer
IBD builder gel clear, extreme blush gel, extreme white gel
NSI attraction liquid and powders
NSI Glaze 'n go
none acetone nailpolish remover 
Orly Glosser
Cuticle oil (any brand)

What tools do you use?
cuticle pusher
cuticle nipper
rosewood stick
100/180 file Bell'ure
Kabuki brush

What size brush do you use?
For gel a 5mm square gel brush from Oronails and ebay
For acrylic N.6 oval Kolinsky brush from NailCreation
For 3D N.4 or N.2 from  BornPrettyStore

Where do you get your gel/acrylic?
Gel: from my local nailstore Oronails
Acrylic: from Oronails

Glitter mixes : self made

What is that tape you put around your fingers and why?
That is 3M Coban 
I use it to protect my fingers and nails from scratches.
I get it at the pharmacist.

Did you go to school to learn how to do nails?
Yes I went to school, but no I did not learn anything new. 90 % I am self taught

Do you have a license?
Yes, I have 3
Manicure, nail styling and nail design

How long does gel needs to be cured?
Most of the time, it says on the container.
But for thin coats I cure for 2 minutes under a uv light
And the final coat I let cure for at least 3 minutes.
LED lamps need other curing times but do not work with all gel types. I have no experience with that.

Do I need to use primer/bonder?
If you don't NEED primer, you don't have to use it. But some people have experienced lifting if they don't use it. Same goes with bonder.

What UV topcoat do you use?
I use Glaze 'n Go from NSI

Where did you get your UV lamp?
I got it from ebay.

I get a lot of lifting, what am I doing wrong/ Do you have some advice?
I posted a huge post on this issue, feel free to check it out.

Why do you move your brush(gel) as if you are scribbling?/
What are the strings of gel for?
I do this to fill in the nail, to make the surface smooth and even and for adding strength and thickness.

What tool do you use to put on the white gel on the nail?
That's a dotting tool or an embossing tool.

Where did you get your drill bit?
I got it from BornPrettyStore and it is a coarse bit with a rounded top

Do you use tips or forms to extend the nails?
Depending on the shape and length of the natural nail.
If the nailbed is very short, I use forms because tips are too big and would take too much space from the nail bed.
Also if the natural curve is too curvy, I use forms because tips would not fit and lift.

Where are you from? Do you have a salon?
I am from Belgium, I do not have a salon.

What kind of UV lamp do you use? And why?
I use a 36 watt UV lamp (4x9 watt)
For a full set of gel nails, I recommend using a 36 watt lamp so that all the nails have cured equally and evenly.
9 watt lamps tend to not cure all the way on a full set (unless you leave it in the light for ... minutes, but that is crazy work.)
If you want a nail to be fully and completely cured, UV light must come from all possible sides,
from the top and from the sides(also from underneath, that's why most lamps have a mirrored bottom )
9 watt is okay for UV topcoat if you leave it under the lamp long enough.

Where did you get your image plates
The round ones I got from ebay and are by the brand "kand beauty"
The Konad ones(also round) are from a german website
The octagon ones are from BornPrettyStore

What program do you use to edit your video?
I use iMovie 11, the program came with my computer.

What kind of drill do you use and where did you get it?
Picture from google
This is the drill that I use and I got it from an ebay seller, but he closed his account, it is from the brand
"Super Nail Center"

Where do you get your glitters?
craft shops, hobby store, kids section, nail stores and this ebay seller

What camera do you use for pictures/filming?
I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ150 for both filming and pictures.

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  1. Good info. I love it. You are a great person for sharing!:)

  2. Thank u so much,fot the info.

  3. Can you please post your routine? Like how you prep and what you use each product for? I'm a bit confused about the routine of gel

    1. I have a post about lifting, and thats also about prepping and such, so that might be helpful for you?

    2. Hi I love your gel nail videos!!!! I was just wondering if you can do Christmas and or winter gel nails soon?? Thanks :)

  4. if you do nails in your home how do you keep the odor down?

    1. a)Keeping the area ventilated(open a window if it isn't too hot or cold outside)
      b) invest in a odorless monomer (can't think of a name right now)
      c) get used to the smell (this is what I did haha ) :D

  5. what is you ratio. How much glitter and powder do you do when making glitter acrylics? Thanks! :)

  6. Thanks for the info!!! really helpful

  7. hi can you use the nsi superbond primer with gel & acrylic & is this the best one to use to prevent lifting ?

  8. I just recently came across your channel and love your work, especially with the gel nails. More recently I struggled with fighting my nails to where they were very short nubs, so I decided to get nails to get me out of the habit. I've had acrylic in the past and wanted the gel instead, but when I called around locally I found it very confusing and wasn't sure what to ask for. The place I ended up going basically did tips with acrylic overlay and only did gel as a sort of top coat which is not what I wanted. What should I be asking for in order to get tips (since I only have nubs right now) but with only the gel on top like you do where you build it up and all? It seems like a lot of the cheaper salons don't know what I'm talking about which makes it so difficult. I've been really unhappy with the acrylic because it tends to lift within a day or too and it looks really thick and fake, whereas the gel when you do it looks so much glossier and thinner too.
    Thank you!! :-)

    1. Hi Shawna,

      If you go to a salon you need to ask for "gel nails" with tips, or sculpted. sculpted means that they are made longer with a form.
      if they don't understand the term "gel nails" then you should get out of there.
      if they say they do gel nails and the moment they start using a liquid and powder, tell them to stop, because that is acrylic.
      Gel nails are completely gel and not just the topcoat. Some places don't do gel because it is more expensive (so they think), I think gel and acrylic is about equally expensive.

  9. WOW! U r so inspiring! Im new to the whole thing. The idea why i want to start using gel nail polish is bacuz the long lasting power and i just love the feeling when applying it.

    i want to prevent my regular nail polishes from chippin and stuff. Because i already got tons of regular nail polishes, want to be able to use it still, i wonder if i could use clear gel, base coat & top coat etc (with my regular nailpolish in between). I notice that some people do that. Else, could u recommend any gel polish brands & type( such as base coat, clear gel, builder & stuff)that would suites my purpose :D


  10. I love your cuticle pusher. Where did you get it from? I can't seem to find any with the large pointy end yours has. Thanks!

    1. that came with my kit i got from school and I don't know where they got it from.

  11. I use at home for doing my own nails ibd soak off. Do you think is worst than normal ibd gel? I can't use the ibd intense seal top coat because all my nails are cracking the next day. What glossy top coat would you recommend?

    1. I have never used soak off gel, so I honestly can't say. I really like NSI Glaze "n go, that is amazing, goes well on top of gel too.
      Gel nails last between 2-5 weeks. most of the people I know can go for at least 3 weeks.

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  13. And another thing... How long do you gel last on nails? My soak off last for only 2 weeks.

  14. What kind of camera do you use? I've been looking for a camera that will auto focus while I'm recording, and also has good quality but I don't want to spend a whole lot on it.

  15. hi there, can you put the base gel straight on the nail without the primer or dehydrator? i usually prep with buffing alcohol gel and base gel straight on the nail... is this the wrong way to do it?

    1. hi,
      whatever works for you is fine.
      If you can go without primer or dehydrator, that's great :)

  16. hi~~i love your chanel~!!it has been so helpful to me~!!~ i have questions on Gel Leopard Nails video you uploaded.
    the gold pen that you used was so pretty what brand is it, and what mm pen is it?
    and though it seems to not be a gel type.. does it last long on nails?
    or cause lifting?~~~is it like acrylic paint or no?
    thank you so much~~!! :)

    1. that pen is a normal gold pen to write christmas cards with :) I got it from a craft store.

      unless you don't put it on the entire nail underneath gel, it shouldn't cause lifting.

  17. The brushes you use in your gel videos, where did you get them? I search on that oronails site, but I can't find them anywhere.


  18. What type of drill do you suggest I get

  19. is the « Lina uv gel» good to do nails like this ?

  20. I have a question about uv gel polish. Would using LED lamp for normal uv gel polish work? Thank you.

  21. I love that pen you use to draw some of your images. where can I get one. and also is that actually ink or acrylic paint??

  22. On you eye tutorial Is that a quill pen you used? If so what kind and did you use paint?

  23. On you eye tutorial Is that a quill pen you used? If so what kind and did you use paint?

  24. I've watched your videos and I'm in love with the amazing work you do!
    I had a question about your gel nails.. I have seen you do 2 different was of glitter tips.
    I've seen you mix your glitter and gel together, and the other I've seen you brush some gel on and then pat the glitter on to the tip.. Could you let me know what the difference is and what you prefer?

  25. Hey, I hope you can shed some light for me regarding acrylic paint. I recently bought some acrylic paint with the intention of using it for the french design under the UV gel. Do you think that would work or would it make the gel lift?

    Basically, I want to paint the nail after prep-ing it with the acrylic paint and then put a layer of clear UV gel.

  26. I have been doing my own gel nails from products and a UV lamp I bought through Ebay, however the last time I did them I got severe burns under the free-edge and fingertips (the skin is actually peeling). I don't know if it was from trying a new no-name gel or if it was caused by the UV lamp...Have you ever heard of this happening? Thank you!!

  27. I bought the moyou princess plates but I can't get the paint to pick up on the stamper.. What do u use to scrape the stamping plate... It looked like u used some kind of cloth on the video but u did it soooo fast I really couldn't tell what u used... The paint picked up so good when I did that

  28. Sorry.. The paint picked up soooo good when u did that. With what u were using to scrape the stamping plate... Please offer so.e advice.. I really want to use my stamping plates ..

  29. I'm looking for a pink gel nail color just to use on my natural nail. Can I use the ibd xtreme pink while having it still look natural? And can I cure it in an led lamp instead of uv?

  30. Can you do a tutorial on how to shape nails. I love the shorter stiletto and the almond as well as the round.

  31. I love your nail work and you are super creative. Can you tell me the name of the nail forms you are using in your youtube video 'DIY Acrylic Nails - Oxblood stiletto'? The red ones that can be used backwards or forwards depending on the nail type you intend to do. I can only find them in UK links.