Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to do nails on a nailbiter

Why do people bite their nails?
Are they nervous?
Are they scared?
Is it a habit or does it taste good?

All I know is, it doesn't look nice.
Woman's nails are our business card and also shows how well we take care after ourselves.
We can enhance the way our nails look, even with a simple french look.

Whether you use tips, a form or on their own nails, that is up to you and your client.

I am going to do gel nails on her own natural nails, because she asked for it.
If I was to elongate her nails, I would have personally used her own skin as a form.
(her skin is slightly higher than her nails, so putting a form "underneath" her nail won't work, and a tip is too big)

As always start with sanitizing and prep

In the video, I sprayed her hands with IBD prep, this sanitizes her fingers.
I pushed back her cuticles and trimmed off the excess.
(nail biters are more likely to have a larger cuticle growth)

With a 100/180 grit file, I used the 180 side to take away the shine of the natural nail.

When all 10 are done, I removed the dust with a kabuki brush, sprayed her nails with IBD prep and wiped her nails with a lint free wipe. This removes any excess dust and oils and also dehydrates.

In the video I only showed one coat of NSI superbond primer, but I applied 2 coats to promote optimal bonding.

Then with IBD builder gel clear and a gel brush, I brushed on a thin coat.
Nail biters have super tiny nailbeds, so it is best not to use a large brush.
With a rosewood stick I went around the cuticle and sidewalls.
I let that cure for 2 minutes.

With a dotting tool and Jean Marin builder gel white, I start forming her free edge.
I only take a small amount of gel on the dotter and add more when it is needed.
We can't go too thick or else the nail will look unnatural when it is finished.
Don't worry if you touch her skin with gel, just clean it with a rosewood stick.
It is inevitable to make a mess.
Remember: The end result is what counts.

Keep the free edge thin, do not go over 1/3 of the nail or else it won't look good.
(1/3 white, 2/3pink)
With a clean gel brush I cleaned up the smile line and let that cure for 2 minutes.

After all 10 are done, I brushed on a thin layer of IBD builder gel clear with a clean gel brush.
Then with short strings of gel, I build up the nail to get an even and smooth surface.
I went around the cuticle and side walls with a rosewood stick and let that cure for 3 minutes.

When all 10 are done, I removed the tacky layer with non-acetone nailpolish remover and a lint free wipe.

With my file I clean up the sidewalls and free edge.
Removed dust and applied Orly Glosser
(high gloss nail polish)

With cuticle oil, I pampered the cuticles.

Took some pictures and finish!


  1. They look very nice. I'm a nail biter and have tried so many times to grow my nails ... but they are so thin and seem to break at the side when they get to a good length. I am going to try the gel and see if that keeps them strong enough to not break once they grow. Thank you for your video... Hope I can have pretty nails someday. Blessings

  2. Man, you've made those nails look as good as they possibly can! When I first saw that picture my first thought wasn't that the person was a nail biter, per se, but rather someone who had never properly pushed back her cuticles her entire life, thus creating an extremely short and odd looking nail bed! My mama taught me right early on: "Push back your cuticles so you can see your moons!"