Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gel on ToeNails

My mom bumped her toe pretty hard to something, and she lost a corner of her nail and it bled a bit. a week later when it was quite healed I decided to put some gel on because the weather is getting better.
So prior to the video I already prepped the nails (pushed back cuticles and took away the shine of the natural nails.

I sprayed her toes with IBD prep and went over it with a lint free wipe to get rid of any excess dust and oils.
With IBD natural nail primer, I primed her toenails.
With IBD builder gel clear and a gel brush, I brushed on the first layer of gel, and started to reconstruct a free edge for her big toe,  went around the cuticle with a rosewood stick and let that cure for 2 minutes.
The rest of the toes go just like normal, a thin coat of IBD builder clear and cure for 2 minutes.

With a dotting tool, I picked up some white gel and started for forming the smile line and free edge.
With a clean gel brush, I cleaned up the smile line and let that cure for 2 minutes.

For the last layer of gel, I brushed on a thin layer of IBD builder gel in clear, and filled the nail up with strings of gel, and in a circular motion, letting the gel on the brush touch the gel on the toe, I spread out the gel evenly.
On the toes, you don't need a thick layer.
I let that last layer cure for 3 minutes.

When all the toenails are done, I removed the sticky layer with nail polish remover and a lint free wipe, and filed the sidewalls and free edge.

I did some nail art on her big toe, it's a rose done with stamping polish, an image plate and a stamper.

Then I applied a coat of UV nail polish (not cured in the lamp) to prevent the nails from yellowing.

Last but not least, I applied some cuticle oil and rubbed that in, took some pictures and done .